Agricultural Machinery in Turkey

The Agricultural Machinery Industry in Turkey

Overview of the Agricultural Machinery Industry in Turkey

The agricultural machinery industry in Turkey has been in a growth trend due to demand both from national and international markets. Turkey is one of the largest agricultural economies in the world who has been ranked 11th in 2002 and 6th in 2017. Turkey is a big market for agricultural machinery with its agricultural product range and production capacity.

Supported by the industrial development in the country, the demand from the national market for modern agriculture machinery and related services has also been met by the local manufacturers.

Today, where it has started with an animal-drawn plough and several basic types of equipment at the beginning of the 1900s, almost all the modern agricultural machinery is practicable to be manufactured in Turkey.

Inter Row Rotary Cultivator

Agricultural Machinery and Equipments Production in Turkey

The agricultural machinery sector is strongly related to both positive and negative events in the agriculture sector. That’s why; dealing with the agricultural machinery sector independently from the agriculture sector is not possible.

In the planning of the machinery sector for agriculture, the targets that are determined for the agricultural sector have to be considered. As in the other countries, the agricultural sector is the base of the national economy in Turkey, too. According to the distribution of the 2016 employment statistics, approximately % 19,5 of the total employment is in the agricultural sector. A strong agricultural machinery sector is developed as a result of that big sector.

Southeast Anatolian Project

By the completion of the Southeast Anatolian Project (GAP), 1,8 million hectares of cultivated land can be irrigated. Such a big irrigated farmland means that agricultural production will be sufficient for all the Middle East. GAP, for which the government reserves 5 billion American Dollars at the beginning of the year 2008, provides very significant opportunities to the future of Turkey’s agricultural sector.

At the end of the completion of the project, the agricultural sector meets the opportunity to make large-scale investments and this will affect the development of the agricultural machinery sector positively.

Power Harrow

In Turkey, approximately 130 different machines and equipment are manufactured in the agricultural machinery sector.

The manufactured products are mainly as follows:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Pedestrian Controlled Tractors
  • Mowers
  • Powered Lawn with horizontal cutting device
  • Disc Harrows
  • Power Harrows
  • Subsoilers
  • Seeders
  • Goble Disc Harrows
  • Rotary Cultivators,
  • Planters and Transplanters
  • Manure Spreaders and Fertiliser Distributors
  • Threshers
  • Dryers
  • Machine and Equipments for Cleaning
  • Milking machines
  • Other equipments for farm and garden usage.

The agricultural machinery sector is classified into two groups in Turkey as agricultural machines and equipment sector and the tractor sector. In the machines and equipment sector, there are 1049 producers and importers. On the other hand, 24 firms are active in the tractor sector. The sector employs 23,000 people in Turkey.

Rotary Cultivators are ready for exporting

The Exports of the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Sector

Meeting also the demand from the foreign markets

According to the official statistics, the agricultural machinery industry in Turkey now ranks 4th among Turkey export values of 22 different sub-machinery groups e.g. machine tools, textile machinery, pumps & compressors, construction & mining machinery.

The exports reached over 800 million USD in 2018, and the destinations varied from Asia to the USA including 137 countries. Turkey also exported tractor components and spare parts valued at more than 100 million USD mainly to western countries in 2018.

The exports of the agricultural machinery and equipment sector amounted to 262 million American dollars in 2016 and decreased by %13 to 228 million American dollars in 2017.

Turkey’s major export partners in the agricultural machinery parts sector were Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, France, and Uzbekistan in 2017.

Presence in International Area

Using the number of foreign exhibitors at international fairs, the Industry ranked 2nd in 2018 at Eima in Bologna, Italy, and ranked the 3rd in 2017 at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany.

Additionally, the non-governmental representative of the industry, TARMAKBİR is a member of CEMA (European Agricultural Machinery), Agrievolution (Global Alliance of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Associations), and ReCAMA (Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific) those are international umbrella organizations of ag machinery industry.

Transmission Test Benches

Compatible Production with Agricultural Necessities, International Standards and Safety Regulations

There are 17 test centers available Turkey-wide, where agricultural machinery is subjected to performance tests. Performance tests are a necessity in Turkey for a state-funded sale of agricultural machinery.

The condition of agricultural production and agricultural machinery in Turkey is also a concern of these institutions, and they annually organize national Agricultural Mechanization Congresses and International Meetings at a 3-year period. 31 national and 12 international conferences have been organized so far.

Competitiveness in Foreign Markets A wide variety of machinery for a wide variety of agricultural conditions

There are 30 different agricultural basins in Turkey classified under climate, soil, topography, and land qualifications. As a result, Turkish agricultural machinery manufacturers are experienced in and capable of satisfying different agricultural needs regarding different agricultural conditions, and it is possible to find in Turkey a variety of agricultural machines and equipment compatible to serve in different agricultural conditions.

Moreover, some of the agricultural machines (e.g. cotton harvester) are not manufactured in Europe but in Turkey, due to the lack of agricultural conditions in Europe to produce some types of agricultural products. These allow the agricultural machinery industry in Turkey to be highly competitive in different agricultural basins and in providing different types of agricultural machinery.

Compatible with small-scale arable lands

Turkey produces agricultural machinery those are compatible to work in small scale arable lands due to the sizes of farms in Turkey, which makes made-in-Turkey agricultural machinery to be competitive in foreign markets that also have small-scale farms

Additionally, contract manufacturing is very common in Turkey. So, farmers from different geographies of the world have already been using Turkish products, yet under the name of other brands.

High standard machinery with excellent price/performance ratio

Being a candidate to European Union, Turkey harmonizes its legislations regarding manufacturing to the legislations of the Union. Hence, for all the tractors and some of the agricultural equipment, manufacturing processes, and the end products fulfill the requirements of the EU, and the technology used is alike.

On the other hand, due to lower labor prices and profit margins in Turkey, Turkish agricultural machinery becomes more price advantageous considering the performance and quality of the machines.


Why is Turkey one of Europe’s leading exporters of agricultural machinery?

Whatever season, whatever climate you can think of Turkey has it all. Over the years, we have mastered the art of manufacturing machinery to live up to the demands of the terrain. For every type of terrain come rain or come shine.


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