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Hey everyone, Murat here again. I was a one-man-band when I started Global Trade back in 2005. But even back then, I had a lot of help—from friends, advisors, and others. A lot has changed since then.

Over the years, I began working with more and more talented professionals to help me get things done. I hired freelance designers, business strategists, specialized agencies, lawyers, accountants, web developers, trade consultants, and other types of contractors. They all helped me think bigger, make wise decisions, create valuable things (like episodes, e-mail lists, and workbooks), and—most importantly—deliver on my commitments to you, the clients.

That way of working was good for a while. It was instrumental in helping Export Port get here. But as the saying goes, what got you here doesn’t always get you there. I started to feel that way in 2019. It had been a decade since Export Port began. Things were still growing, but I’m not sure I’d say they were scaling, at least not in a healthy way. My time, energy, and attention were becoming increasingly drained as I pushed to do even bigger things, like Futuresia Global. That’s when I knew Export Port was ready for a big change.

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We exist to educate and train a world-wide community of entrepreneurs.

Those of us on “Team Export Port” concentrate on all of our educational content and training experiences. We conceive, create, launch, and support our free guides, premium searches, partnerships, youtube videos, and more.


Founder, Creator

Murat is the man who started it all. He is a global entrepreneur who also happens to be the creator of Export Port as well as a Youtube vlogger, serial entrepreneur, industry influencer, and startup advisor. Oh, and he’s the world’s biggest Braveheart fan.



Where We Are

We proudly embrace the ideals, diversities, and dynamics of remote working because we believe that distributed workforces play an important role in the future of work, life, and society.

Konya Office


HQ1 is home to Export Port’s business and operations command center. Several team members work out of this location, which is optimized for collaborations across business functions as well as with service partners that are local. It’s a versatile location in the lively Zafer district where the team rallies once a year for its annual strategic planning summit.

Rangsit Place


HQ2 is place to Export Port’s creative and production studio. Murat works out of this location, which has been outfitted with state-of-the-art gear to ensure that all Export Port productions (episodes, articles, etc.) are of the highest grade possible. It’s a beautiful location in the heart of Rangsit where the team gathers on occasion during the year for staff meetings and workshops.

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