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International trade influences a whole range of activities including jobs, consumption, and the fight against poverty. It also affects the environment and relations among countries. In turn, trade is shaped by a host of influences ranging from natural resources to fashion. Trade-related issues can give rise to strong feelings, and trade measures such as banning or limiting imports are often called for to respond to major economic problems. An understanding of the benefits and downsides of trade, and of what trade policy can or cannot achieve, will help us to form our own opinions on debates about international trade.

If you are looking to expand your business, have you considered the advantages of international trade?

Maybe you think it is safer to focus on trade on your home turf. But venturing out of your comfort zone to trade internationally may make your business stronger, more successful, and more profitable.

We live in a global marketplace. The food on your table might include fresh fruit from Chile, cheese from France, rice from Thailand, and olive oil from Turkey. Your smartphone might have been made in China or South Korea. The clothes you wear might be designed in Italy and manufactured in Vietnam. The toys you give to a child might have come from India. The car you drive might come from Japan, Germany, or South Korea.

The gasoline in the tank might be refined from crude oil from Saudi Arabia, Mexico, or Nigeria. As a worker, if your job is involved with farming, machinery, airplanes, cars, scientific instruments, or any other technology-related industries, the odds are good that a hearty proportion of the sales of your employer, and hence the money that pays your salary comes from export sales. We are all linked by international trade, and the volume of that trade has grown dramatically in the last few decades.

What is an International Trade, Really?

International Trade, economic transactions are made between countries. International trade refers to the exchange of goods and services between the countries. In simple words, it means the export and import of goods and services. Export means selling goods and services out of the country, while import means goods and services flowing into the country.

The need to conduct global trade primarily arises from the uneven distribution of natural resources. This leads to a division of labor development of technical know-how, and lowering of comparative cost, thus making some countries more suitably placed to produce certain goods or services. A smooth flow of international trade ensures that the world economy continues to thrive despite political, social, and cultural differences.

In the current state of the world, technological innovations have led to globalization and made the world a borderless whole, open to all forms of trade at all possible levels. No single country can isolate itself from the whole and work towards self-sufficiency.


How to Build A Dream
Global Business Plan

If you are thinking about starting an import-export business, do some research and ask yourself some key questions to see if a career international trade is right for you.

This workbook helps you to plan your global business truely and deeply. Start turning your dream into a full-time business.

How to Build A Dream Global Business Plan

Why Learn Global Trade?

The reason why anyone should pursue something is because they have a passion for it. For you young people wondering what you should choose to do with your career, international trade is an opportunity.

The opportunity presented in joining the international trade field is a huge one, and the need is there in virtually every country in the world. When global business is put into perspective and held up against other career choices, it is an exciting option. 

As a career, it offers you the opportunity to be a constant learner, to work in a changing environment, and to face challenges that enable you to make a real impact on the company or organization for which you work.

It also offers:

The opportunity to explore new cultures and markets, looking for new products and services, or buyers to purchase them. I have had the great opportunity to travel extensively through China, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, Krygyzstan, Lebanon and so on.  The trick is to make sure you always take a few hours and go explore the area instead of staying in the hotel. 

With the fast moving global economy, it is your opportunity to play a role in it. Very few days at work will ever be the same. It helps to develop your global vision.

Every sector of the economy needs to trade. From tennis racket, to financial services, and insurance. There are opportunities for you to work with products and services you are passionate about. In my travelling and learning about other cultures I have had to learn quickly about value-added products, and I developed a passion for them. 

If all of that sound exciting, then perhaps it is time to consider a career in international business. 

Insightful episodes about international trade and business

Our videos reveal powerful tips, strategies, and “secrets” for growing an global business.
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Here are the main issues, they will help you in your global trade journey

International Trade is something I’ve been in since 2005 after I graduated from my university. My biggest chance was to have completed the Economics. However, I did not have a lot of basic information about foreign trade. Starting from the bottom in my career, while I have gained experience in many sectors, countries and commercial activities over the years, I have always learned new things, especially the main topics that I will share with you in this blog, with learning hunger, which is one of the most important personal features that should be a good global entrepreneur.

In 2014, I founded SOLAR SOLENTURK with my business partner and made my first international trade initiative. We have exported our solar lighting and LED lighting products which are produced with our brand, standards and designs by our partners in Asia to our many customers who are in Turkey, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. And we still continue to export.

I founded the FUTURESIA Global Trade brand in 2018 with the same team, with the global business experiences that we gained with the work we have done at Solar Solenturk. And we import and export various products to the Asia Pacific, Turkey and many other parts of the World for our own behalf or our customers’ behalf.

In this blog, I’ll share with you the various subjects of international trade which will help you to be ready for starting and growing your global trade career.

We have a lot to cover, but I also want to be real with you, too…

I know you’re probably excited, and my history with import-export business all sounds great, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole time.

In the beginning, I didn’t always get it right. I chose the wrong products to export or import, and put money over serving my clients at times, and every single time I’ve put money before serving my clients, I’ve failed. I don’t want you to fail. I want you to thrive!

Global trade has many risks because many global traders started their business without basic knowledge and fell into the same traps I did.

That’s why I’ve made it a big part of my mission to change the perception of global trading, and to show you how you CAN do it right, and make good money, too.

Making that happen is exactly what this series of epic articles is going to show you how to do. Together, we’ll learn the many subjects of international trade and will get some good ideas. Remember – everybody can win.

I know how profitable international trade can be when it’s done the right way, and I know what a difference it can make for you and your client when you’re exporting or importing products and services that can really help them out.

That’s why I’m rooting for you to succeed, and it’s why I put together this epic guide to international trade.

It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I started my global trade journey way back in 2005.

Excited? Here’s what’s in store:

Insightful blog posts about international trade and business

Our articles reveal powerful tips, strategies, and “secrets” for growing an global business.

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