There are over 3 billion people already online and with digital marketing you can have a direct conversation with all of them.
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Working in the tech industry has a lot of perks—high starting pay, flexible schedules, and the opportunity to work remotely being just a few. But if computer programming or website and application design isn’t really your thing, does that mean tech isn’t for you?

Not at all!

There’s a lot more to tech roles than coding, and that includes jobs in tech adjacent fields like digital marketing.

If combining digital skills with a more traditional sales and marketing role sounds like a perfect fit for your own career pivot, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Digital Marketing, Really?

Before we go on, what is digital marketing, and how it different than regular, old-fashioned marketing?

Marketing means selling or promoting a product or service. Digital marketing is just that, but on a digital device, like computer or smartphone.

When you work in digital marketing, instead of relying on subways ads or billboards, you attract  and retain customers using e-mails, blog posts, text messages, Internet ads, and more.

These days, even traditional marketers need tech skills. Think about it: how many businesses do you encounter that DON’T have an online presence?

“Digital” marketing is becoming synonymous with marketing in general – meaning that adding digital skills to your repertoire as a sales and marketing professional is less of a specialty and more of a necessity.


How to Build A Dream
Global Business Plan

If you are thinking about starting an import-export business, do some research and ask yourself some key questions to see if a career international trade is right for you.

This workbook helps you to plan your global business truely and deeply. Start turning your dream into a full-time business.

How to Build A Dream Global Business Plan

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

So, why should you take the time learning digital marketing?

For starters, it pays. Junior marketers make an avarage salary of $40.363 USD, while mid-level marketers earn $63.502 USD. And, when you gain experience, develop specialized skills, and take on leadership or management roles, you can earn much more.

Want to work with technology everyday without spending days writing code? Digital marketing is a fast-growing niche that allows you work in the tech industry, even if you don’t want to be a designer or developer.

You can break into the fast-growing digital marketing industry without going back to school. You can likely learn enough to start getting paying work within months, and you won’t have to shell out your savings to learn the skills you need. 

If all of that sound exciting, then perhaps it is time to consider a career in digital marketing. 

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